In any business, CRM assumes a significant part in associating the clients to the brand and giving a way to the business to maximize the return on investments made into marketing and branding. In order to take full advantage of a Salesforce CRM implementation, the usage needs to go beyond a departmental execution. To accomplish this, you require a venture level CRM enablement and a partner that has the ability, experience and a demonstrated procedure model to address the complexities of your business. Coordinating different frameworks and information sources, accommodating different occasions and managing hybrid sources of information require a top-down involvement and i-Connectresources has these covered from every angle.

Our areas of expertise:

Consolidation of Silos

Organizations who adopted Salesforce over time, or acquired other companies with existing Salesforce implementations may have silo instances sitting across the enterprise. These silo instances can negatively impact your ability to gain better insight, manage issues or make well informed decisions for the success of your company.

Evolution over time

Many companies started off by adopting Salesforce for Sales Force Automation (SFA). Over time as the business process evolved with growth, some of these implementations grew tougher to manage, and the IT investment to manage them grew from configuring them to developing them.

Enterprise System Integrations

The "silo effect" is also realized when critical systems do not communicate with each other. There are many wide ranging benefits to integrating Salesforce with HR, ERP, Call Center, Legacy Systems and other cloud as well as on premise applications.

The power of the cloud

Switching from on premise installations to the cloud is not as easy with complex systems and processes running on premise. In order to achieve the transformation to the cloud based solution, you need a complex integration and on-boarding path between your legacy and cloud based systems.

Analytics for Growth

Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are no longer buzzwords, but a reality that every company needs to embrace. In order to achieve your full potential as a company, you should be able to connect all the dots across the enterprise and generate true 360 degree view of the customer.

Our deep embedded relationship with Salesforce covers the following areas:


Sales Cloud


Service Cloud


Marketing Cloud


Community Cloud


Wave Analytics
Sales Wave Analytics
Service Wave Analytics


App Cloud
Heroku Enterprise


IoT Cloud


Commerce Cloud
Commerce Cloud Store


Financial Services Cloud
Health Cloud